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  2. Lake trout can grow to nearly a metre in length and weigh more than 20 kilograms, but they average 38 to 51 centimetres and 4.5 kilograms. Lake trout often live to more than 20 years of age.Their diet varies based on the length, weight and age of the fish, but includes small crustaceans, snails, leeches, insect larvae and other small fish
  3. Lake trout are commonly found in lakes stretching as far south as Kentucky. They have also been introduced to lakes in Europe, Asia and South America. Lake trout are so popular among anglers that their natural population has been overfished. Lake trout are commonly stocked in lakes to meet the demand of anglers
  4. If you're targeting lake trout during the day, there are a variety of lures that will get the job done. One of the best jigs for deepwater trout fishing is a big bucktail jig. Make sure the jig has a large head and an even larger hook. Anything from 3/4-ounce up to 2.5-ounces can be effective at hooking lake trout

Lake trout is a more economical choice than the region's more famous seafood offering — crabs — and has been a favorite lunch and dinner item for years. Find it on the menu at places like. Trout Lake, Glenwood, BZ Corner, Husum, and the Mt. Adams Ranger District of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. TroutLake.org is a project of DW Quality Design working in cooperation with the Trout Lake Area Business Association. It is supported by a wide variety of local businesses, organizations, and individual angel contributions from. Lake trout are the largest of the freshwater char. Splakes (hybrid fish, crossed between lake trout and brook trout) have also been successfully introduced widely in many areas of North America. Lake trout are highly susceptible to pollution. A maximum recorded weight of 102 lbs. ( 46.4 kg) was. Lake Trout are fun to catch and having some of the right tools and techniques will help you catch them year round. These are a few of my favorite methods..

Place pats of butter on lake trout, flesh side up. Season as desired. Sprinkle lightly with old bay seasoning or minced garlic if using. Otherwise season with sea salt and black pepper to taste. Add filets to a fish grill pan or aluminum foil. Cook for about 3-5 minutes per side, until fish flakes easily. Thinner pieces will only take 3 minutes Lake trout (salyelinus namaycush) is a type of trout that is native to North America and has been introduced to other parts of the world, including Europe, South America and Asia. They live in freshwater and are one of the most popular game fish in North America. More than 25% of the world's lake trout population resides in Ontario, Canada

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  1. Lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) are native to Canada, Alaska, the Great Lakes, New England, and parts of Montana.Lake trout were intentionally stocked in Lewis and Shoshone lakes in 1890 by the U.S. Fish Commission (a predecessor of today's US Fish & Wildlife Service)
  2. James Holst and In-Depth Outdoors Pro Staff Team member Grant Sorensen fish Lake Superior in early October using Sufix 832 Advanced Lead Core and spoons behi..
  3. 英名. Lake trout. レイクトラウト ( Salvelinus namaycush )は、主に 北アメリカ 北部に分布する 淡水 性の イワナ の一種である。. 英語では「mackinaw」、「lake char(またはcharr)」、「touladi」、「togue」、「grey trout」と呼ばれている。. スペリオル湖 では「siscowet.
  4. Lake trout fishing is one of the most rewarding styles of fishing there is. While anyone can drop the bait into the water, it does take a unique skill set to truly have success targeting lake trout
  5. Lake trout—known variously as lakers, mackinaw, togue, and gray trout —are native to coldwater lakes northern North America, mostly in Canada, but also in Alaska, the Great Lakes region, and the northeastern U.S. The fish inhabit shallow lakes in the northern part of their range and deep lakes farther south. Occasionally, they can be found.
  6. The lake trout, as adults, feed primarily on other fish. The native prey includes ciscoes and sculpin, but when available lake trout will take advantage of alewives, smelt, gobies or other fish and sometimes take crustaceans, terrestrial insects, plankton, even small birds and mammals. Life History: Lake trout are fall season broadcast spawning.

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Trout Lake is the perfect place to take an easy walk around the lake, sit on a bench and just enjoy the quiet setting or drop a line if fishing is more to your liking. Read more. Written July 5, 2018. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC Trout Lake. Trout Lake is located in the far eastern Upper Peninsula about 30 miles north of St. Ignace. Trout Lake has much to offer for the sports enthusiast or tourist with great fishing, hunting, swimming, boating and surrounded by many lakes, streams and rivers. The Trout Lake area is perfect for hiking, biking, jogging, birdwatching and. The lake trout, Salvelinus namaycush, is one of the largest members of the Salmonidae family, and not actually a trout but a char. Lakers are generally one of the least-accessible freshwater gamefish to most North Americans because of their preference for cold, dark, and mysterious nether depths, or because the greatest numbers exist in far-off or hard-to-access regions of northern Canada Lake Trout 2. 6841 Loch Raven Blvd Baltimore, MD 21286 (410) 321-1811 . Cuisine type: Fish, Seafood, Breakfast, Chicken ABOUT US. × RESTAURANT GALLERY.

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  1. Lake trout, despite the common name, is not actually a trout but a member of the closely related char group. They can reach weights of 20 pounds. Habitat: These aggressive, fish-eating char are popular sport fish found in deep, cold water with plenty of oxygen and proper spawning areas
  2. The oldest lake trout on record was 70 years old. Lake trout are fast-swimmers! Young lake trout eat plankton, insects and small invertebrates, while adults eat smaller fish. Lake trout are a top predator in the Great Lakes. They help maintain balance between all the other species, which helps maintain food and space for everything in the Lake
  3. The Lake Trout is a slender fish length-wise like trout and salmon. Although heavier fish will appear a lot more stocky in appearance especially the largest fish. They have white leading edges on all its lower fins and light colored spots on a dark background that has often been described as having a worm pattern
  4. Great Slave Lake (Northwest Territories) - home to some massive lake trout, there are reports of one's well over 50lbs appearing here regularly. Lake Superior ( Michigan, Ontario, Wisconsin, Minnesota) - The largest area of freshwater on planet earth, and a fantastic place to fly fish for lake trout
  5. Locating Trout, applying the right tactic, and presenting your bait effectively are the most important factors to a successful Trout fishing trip in open water. How to Find Trout in Open Water Learning how to fish for Trout in a lake with a lot of open water is a daunting task, but it is worth the effort. Once you can locate Trout, a pattern.
  6. The lake trout is the largest species of salmonid that lives in Pennsylvania waters and it is also only one of two native salmonids in the state. The other is the brook trout. The funny thing is that neither of them are actually trout. Yes, that's right, the lake trout and the brook trout are not really trout
  7. Targeting big wise lake trout requires specialist lures, period. Larger trout tend to hang deeper in the water so using standard floating lures or lightweight lures will not get the job done. Lake trout lures tend to be much heavier and help you get down to the target fish quicker, ultimately landing you that prized catch

Lake trout, the most abundant predator in Lake Superior, is comprised of three principal forms or morphotypes that include the lean lake trout, humper lake trout, and siscowet lake trout. Siscowet can be distinguished from other forms of lake trout by their physical characteristics and presence in the deep-water region of Lake Superior The regular lake trout, five fillets, and a grape soda (that's how Bodie woulda done it) cost $7.00. Which is another reason it's so popular. By the time I finished, Lake Trout had opened up for the day. So I ordered the regular there with a half and half (iced tea and lemonade) and I have to say, it was fairly disappointing

Lake trout can be found in shallower waters too, however these will tend to be the younger trout and will rarely weigh more than 10 lbs. The much bigger older lake trout tend to prefer the deeper cooler waters. If you are looking to target trout in shallower waters near drop offs and other structures then a jerk bait can be use to great effect Located on Eva Lake offering world class bass, walleye, pike & trout fishing. Fish 40+ lakes in which we keep 105 boats all within 5-35 minutes away. Excellent spring/fall bear hunts on the Quetico boundary. 2 day/3 night starting @ $405/pp incl. accom/boat/motor/gas. 6 day/7 night bear hunts starting @ $1450 Lake Trout reach trophy sizes in places like Fort Peck Reservoir and Bighorn Reservoir. You can fish for them from spring through fall. How to Catch Lake Trout. Because Lake Trout inhabit deep and cold waters, they're sometimes an overlooked target. We can safely say those anglers are missing out. In most lakes, these fish are a top predator Compared to other species of char, lake trout grow much larger. The largest recorded lake trout recorded weighed over 102 lbs! Lake trout are also a long-living fish with some Canadian lake trout living over 40 years old. Geneva, New York is the self-proclaimed lake trout capital of the world and has an annual lake trout fishing derby Browse 1,294 lake trout stock photos and images available, or search for salmon or brown trout to find more great stock photos and pictures. Visitors view spawning trout near Trout Lake in Yellowstone National Park, WY on June 17, 2015. Glen Gisel, owner of Sebago Sport Fishing, holds a 22-inch lake trout while fishing Sebago Lake

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The Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) is loved both as a food fish and game fish. It features in the annual lake trout fishing derby of the people of Geneva and New York. The fish prefers cold freshwater lakes and rivers in northern North America. Lake Trout have a total length between 20-36 (51-91 cm), body height of 4-7 (10.2-17.8 cm), and an overall weight in the range of 4-22. Lake trout have deeply forked tails, while the tail of a brook trout is squared. Lakers tend to be more greenish-gray, with white spots, so they appear less colorful than brook trout. More than one Boundary Waters angler has hooked a small lake trout near shore and thought at first that it was a northern pike. In the water, small lakers and.

Lake Trout December 30, 2001 Alley Katz Richmond, VA Source: AudioTechnica822 w/bass roll-off @150hz > Sony MZ-R50 MD Transfer: Pioneer MJ-D508 MD > Optical > Pioneer PDR-509 @44.1khz > CDR > EAC > FLAC Taped, Transfered & Uploaded by Sean Wahlberg Disc 1 01 Lake Trout first came together in 1994. Their first album is self-titled and consists of eight songs with a heavy dose of jazz. It was released independently in 1997. The band's second album, released in 1998, is also on SNS Records. Volume for the Rest of It consists of 16 tracks total and has a more developed feel

Lake Trout. 2,355 likes · 1 talking about this. Throughout the course of their 12-year existence, Lake Trout has consistently defied genres within the music industry. The Baltimore five-piece has.. Fishing live bait is an effective technique, and Lake Trout will eat small to larger size bait fish. The minnow is a preferred choice of bait when going live, though small salmon and night crawlers are also know to work. Lake Trout fishermen will often fish these ledges with live bait rigged in different distances along their line

Lake trout, also called Mackinaw Trout, Great Lakes Trout, or Salmon Trout, (Salvelinus namaycush), large, voracious char, family Salmonidae, widely distributed from northern Canada and Alaska, U.S., south to New England and the Great Lakes basin. It is usually found in deep, cool lakes. The fish are greenish gray and covered with pale spots. In spring, lake trout of about 2.3 kg (5 pounds. Michigan Lake Trout Vertical Jigging Fun. Vertical jigging for lake trout is an extremely productive way of targeting these beautiful and aggressive fish, and an incredibly fun way to catch lake trout on light tackle using a hands-on technique 2 lake trout fillets-skin removed 1 cup crushed saltine crackers 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt 1/2 stick butter or margarine, melted 2 tablespoons olive oil Cut lake trout fillets into small serving size pieces. Mix the crackers, salt, celery salt, and garlic salt in a bowl. Dip the fillets in melted butter then in the crumb mixture Lake Trout Fishing Season. During the winter and spring, large areas of Eagle Lake have cold enough water to support lake trout. Beautiful fish can be caught near the camp in shallow water, opening the possibility for fly fishermen to have an ecstatic experience here in the spring

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  1. Lake trout feed near the surface of a lake when the water is cold (spring and fall). During the summer, the cold denser water sinks to the bottom of the lake and the trout follow it down. Food. Young lake trout feed on freshwater shrimp and other aquatic invertebrates. Larger lake trout eat other species of fish, mostly whitefish and cisco.
  2. Trout on the Great Lakes can grow much faster than on smaller inland lakes. Lakers can reach great sizes. The Ontario trout fishing record is just over 63 pounds and was a world record for 39 years until broken in 1995 when a 72.5 pound Lake Trout was caught on Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories
  3. My husband is a fan of their lake trout. So far we are not fans of the sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, greens nor rice side dishes since they are healthy-tasting. They have subs too but only fish versions, et. al., whiting, lake trout, cat fish subs. Probably yummy since they know their fish real well. Nice people work there too. That helps
  4. Lake trout fishing in Idaho is better than ever before. Lake trout, sometimes called mackinaw, are one of Idaho's best sport fish to pursue - if you know what you're doing.Their gigantic size potential - the largest one caught in Idaho broke the scales at 57.5lbs - combined with their plentiful population and delicious taste makes them the perfect fish to target on your next fishing.
  5. Lake trout need cold, oxygen-rich water to live in. Lake trout will almost always be found where the water is colder and contains baitfish, insect larva, and freshwater shrimp. The best time of day to catch good lake trout is first thing in the morning from dawn until a couple hours after sunrise
  6. Lake trout have a broad northern and southern distribution in Alaska, but they are absent from the Yukon River basin of central Alaska. Diet. Zooplankton, insect larvae, small crustaceans, clams, snails, leeches, several kinds of fish, mice, shrews, and even occasional young birds. When available, lake trout may feed extensively on other fish.

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Lake trout. Minnesota is one of only a few states with naturally reproducing lake trout populations. Its 116 lake trout lakes is second in number only to Alaska The Lake Trout is a char of the same genus as Bull Trout and Brook Trout. Lake Trout are native in the St. Mary and Missouri River drainages and have been introduced to a few other scattered mountain lakes, Flathead Lake, and Fort Peck Reservoir Trophy Lake Trout Spin-n-glow Rigs Trophy tournament tested Lake Trout Spin-n-glo Rigs are used trolling behind either a dodger or flasher. The trout rigs can be used fished either suspended in the water column or bounced along the bottom. The rigs leader is 40 pound test with an Ultra sharp VMC hook. Image: Code Sebago Lake Trout Shoot Out. Sebago Lake, Maine. Jim Fickett - (207) 714-0880 Jaime Poland - (207) 838-6337. Get directions Trout will instinctually congregate in areas with lots of food, shelter, and other essentials. Fishing for trout in a lake can be remarkably productive. Many areas stock their lakes with trout, meaning that there's plenty there for the taking. But catching trout in a lake is very different from fishing in moving water

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Trout Lake Trail. The trail climbs about 150 feet (45.5 m) through Douglas-fir forest to the lake. Safety notes: Be aware of bear activity. Return the same way. Trailheads: The trail starts from a small pullout about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) south of Pebble Creek Campground on the Northeast Entrance Road The Rainbow Trout is the only native trout in Canandaigua lake, please release whenever possible. The creel limit will be (1) fish. Save A Fish, Catch & Release: Leader board updates will be available in real time on the Facebook page of the Canandaigua Lake Trout Derby

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  1. The lake's constant water temperature keeps trout in a stable environment, unlike bass in other reservoirs where the seasons cool or warm the waters and cause the fish to move shallow or deep. The water in Taneycomo stays cold year-round since it comes from Table Rock Dam about 160 feet below the surface of Table Rock Lake
  2. Trout Lake Adventures. 691 likes. We are located in Trout Lake, BC. Our camp accommodates up to 15 adults comfortably
  3. DNR is phasing out this listing of trout lakes. We encourage you to visit our new trout fishing page. A list of fishable trout lakes is available on our new lake list.The new tool also allows users to list lakes by region using the drop-down box on the top right
  4. Lake trout fry, baby trout, have been born naturally in Lake Erie - the first time this has happened in 60 years. Officials say the milestone follows decades of water and habitat maintenanc
  5. Trout Lake. Vilas County, 3864 Acres. DISCLAIMER: The information shown on these maps has been obtained from various sources (Tele Atlas North America Inc., WDNR, BCPL, WDOT, USFS, USGS, etc.), and are of varying age, reliability and resolution. These maps are not intended to be used for navigation, nor are these maps an authoritative source of.

A boisterous mining town a century ago, Trout Lake has since been transformed into a quite backwater frequented by cottagers and fishermen. The Trout Lake General Store sells everything from soup to nuts, but it's outside at the gas bar that a difference is noted. The store still uses a pair of tall, slender old-fashioned glass-toppe Trout Lake Camps is committed to providing the safest camp experience possible for our campers and staff. We monitor MDH and CDC Covid guidelines to remain up-to-date concerning operating recommendations and requirements

Lake Trout. Lake Trout are found in cold water habitats of lakes and impoundments and can be found in South Dakota in Pactola and Deerfield Reservoirs in the Black Hills. They feed primarily on other fish within their habitat. Lake Trout have streamlined, torpedo-shaped bodies with small scales, large mouth and teeth Lake Trout Fishing Tips. Lake trout fishing is very different from catching browns/rainbows in rivers and streams on light tackle. The majority of the time fishing for lake trout will be done from either a boat or during winter out on the ice. Lake trout like deep waters and your only real choice is to follow them there Best Lake Trout Lures. Jigging's erratic motion mimics wounded fish and is a tried-and-true method. One of the top lake trout fishing tips is knowing the best lake trout jigging lures to use. When learning how to catch lake trout, it's important to know that they prefer light lures so consider stocking up on small spinners and spoons Lake Trout prefer the cooler water climates, and as surface temperatures warm they trend deeper in the water column. Overcast with a light wind tends to be the optimal weather for trout fishing on Kasba, where cold waters all summer long ensure you won't need to look too far or too deep for that trophy lak-er Lake Trout Fishing - Great Slave Lake. If you've always dreamed of fishing the East Arm of Great Slave Lake, it's likely because of one thing - Lake Trout! Our fishery is a renowned, bucket list destination not only because of the size and untold numbers of these hard-fighting fish that lurk below the surface of our waters, but because.

That said, I won't lie to you: Lake trout is a fatty fish. Normal ones range from 5 1/2 percent fat by weight to up to 20 percent, and a subspecies in the Great Lakes called a siscowet can be truly, astonishingly fat: One study conducted in 1965 showed one of these porkers to be 88 percent fat by weight. That one might be too fatty even for me Lake trout are very particular about water temperature. Find water in the 48 to 52°F range and you'll find the fish. Gord Pyzer. Fishing Editor Gord Pyzer is widely regarded as Canada's most scientific angler. Known in fishing circles as Doctor Pyzer, he worked for 30 years as a senior manager with Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources. Vertical jigging lake trout in the summer is one of my favorite activities, both as an angler and as a guide. I can often be found over the deep waters of Lake Winnipesaukee, or somewhere on Lake Champlain. Having 50-fish days is not unheard of, and 100-fish days are possible. It's often a numbers game, but don't expect the fish to be that. Lake trout caught on Lake Champlain is officially the biggest on record, suggests good news for the area The fish showed the effectiveness of ongoing sea lamprey control efforts in the are

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Lake Trout Length To Weight Conversion Chart. June 12, 2021 By Dr. Rob Neumann. Several methods are available to estimate the weight of a fish. Some use length as well as girth measurements. Weight also can be estimated using only length measurements based on relationship between length and weight. Length-weight equations can be developed for. Seventh Lake is a great fishing spot for trout in the Adirondacks on the western border of Hamilton County. Get Details. Tupper Lake, Raquette Pond, and Simon Pond. Tupper Lake is a great body of water for anglers in the Adirondacks looking for various species of fish to catch. Get Details 11 pounds of individually vacuum packed and frozen skin-on lake trout fillets. Large fillets are between 10-18 ounces. Wild caught in USA and vacuum packed for freshness. Lake Trout is becoming very popular and a healthy option full of Omega 3. It's a fattier fish and in the salmon family Targeted Fish - Land Lock Salmon, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Cusk, and White Fish ( White Fish available only on a multi-day trip due to the location of the lake) Targeted Water - Glacial Lakes Need Accommodations? We have a Luxury Sporting Lodge that will accommodate 6 people! Your trip can be bundled with a trip to save you money Trout Main Dish Recipes: Door County Trout Boil - Door County is located in the northeastern part of Wisconsin. Fish boils are a tradition in the area dating over a hundred years. Most fish boils are made with the Whitefish native to the area. This recipe substitues Lake Trout for the Whitefish

The NSR lake trout rivals any trout fishery in Manitoba, with lots of fish in the 12-17 lb. range, trophies ranging from 35-44″ , and some real monsters up to 49″. That's a 50 lb. lake trout. Rivers, channels, sand points offer excellent habitat in the spring with the trout descending into deeper holes as the summer progresses. Even better, these summer lake trout run in fairly shallow. The largest Lake Trout ever recorded came out of Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan. For anyone wanting to fish Northern Canada for trophy Lake Trout and Northern Pike- there is no question that Lakers Unlimited on Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan is the number one destination

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Smoked Lake Trout. Two whole trout fillets. 1 cup kosher salt. ½ cup maple sugar. 2 tsp sumac. 1 tablespoon fresh chopped rosemary. Combine the salt, sugar, sumac, and rosemary and rub it onto the fillets. Let the fillets sit in the fridge for 4-5 hours, depending on the thickness of the fillets. After the fillets have cured, rinse them. Spring Lake Trout Farm 3409 W 12300 S Payson, UT 84651. Robert Judd Farm Office (801) 465-2934 Mobile (801) 369-7177. Email: springlaketrout@gmail.co

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Crystal Lake Fisheries, Inc. Rt 2 Box 528 Ava, MO 65608 Phone: (417) 683-2301 Toll Free: (800) 621-2301 E-mail: info@crystallakefisheries.com Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 p lake trout feed on this species almost to the exclusion of all other forage, no matter how abundant other suitable species seem to be. It is not known whether this phenomenon is the result of a preference for smelt by lake trout, or simply a matter of smelts being easier prey The lake trout is found throughout most of Canada and well into Alaska as well as the Great Lakes and in sections of the western U.S. where it has been introduced. In the southern portions of its range, or where introduced south of its native range, it seeks out the cooler waters of deep lakes

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Lake trout have acquired the reputation of being slow-moving fish. The common belief is that to successfully catch lake trout you need a slow lure speed—very slow. Many lake trout anglers adhere to this slow lure speed as gospel. It is common practice to troll for lake trout at a speed of 1.5 mph. In fact, this is actually an effective. Lake Trout. Salvelinus Namaycush. Average Weight: 4.5 to 18 kg (10 to 40 lbs) Lake Trout are the lords of Northern lakes, crushing the scales at 25 kilos or more. The profound, mysterious depths of Great Slave and Great Bear are the most famous hunting grounds for these beasts, but gargantuan trout can be found even in smaller lakes Trout and people. Lake Trout, along with Arctic Grayling, are the most frequently sought and harvested fish in the Yukon. Lake Trout in the Yukon are very carefully managed due to their slow growth and low reproduction rates. Reports. Review of the status of Yukon's commercial lake trout and lake whitefish fishing industry (2019 Pyramid Lake comprises 5 different species of fish within the lake. Cui-ui. Cui-ui The cui-ui, Chasmistes cujus, is a large sucker fish endemic to Pyramid Lake in northwestern Nevada. The maximum size of male cui-ui is approximately 53 cm (21 in) and 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) while females reach approximately 64 cm (25 in) and 2.7 kg (6 lb)

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Fishing for lake trout up north is a different ballgame, as the preferred cold water temperature for the lake trout is actually what we call warm water, so the fish are at the top of the water column. Rod: 10-12 weight if targeting large lake trout and 8-9 weight for average sized lake trout Lake trout are dogged fighters, often sounding (diving for the bottom) immediately after hook-up. Gearing up with a 6 or 7 weight rod matched with a large-arbor reel will be sufficient for all but the largest lake trout. Lake trout are often found in deep water meaning full sinking lines and sinking tip lines are necessary

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Cooking Lake Tahoe Trout. Lake Tahoe is such a clear and cold lake that any of the 3 species of trout we mentioned make excellent table fare. If the fish are smaller then frying them in a skillet with butter and lemon is a popular method along with putting them whole on a BBQ. Larger fish can be filleted and either baked or grilled Lake Champlain has had a long history of sea lamprey predation on lake trout, brown trout, landlocked Atlantic salmon, sturgeon, and other species. The eel-like vampire fish latch onto prey. Lake Trout are dwellers of deep cold lakes in the southern parts of the range, and deep and shallow lakes in the northern portion of its range. Lake Trout are intolerant of waters with low oxygen content and prefer temperatures below 60°F. Reproduction. Lake Trout spawn over rocky shoals and along wave-swept shorelines during the fall Lake trout — rolled in cracker meal or cornmeal, fried hard in roiling oil and served with a pile of cottony white bread and a sluice of vinegary hot sauce — is the dish that working-class. Lake trout doesn't open up until the 17th of Jan. If you're on a lake entirely inside the BWCA you will be able to fish as it opened up today. We leave for Canada trout fishing next week. Our go to lures are tube jigs and I prefer 10 pound braided line with 6-10# mono leader seems like plenty with a good drag