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  1. Viltrox 56mm f/1.4. portrétní objektiv VILTROX Ohnisková vzdálenost: 56mm Rozsah clony: f/1.4 - f/16 Váha: 290g Velikost filtru je 52mm
  2. arily based on US and EU areas. Product range covers photography equipment such as Camera Lens, Video Monitor,Mount Adapter and LED photographic light, etc. To get the best after-sales service and quality-assured Viltrox products, please come to Viltrox Store
  3. Nové objektivy Viltrox AF pro Fujifilm X. Fotím na Fuji • 17. 1. 2020 • Fuji Rumors, Všechny příspěvky. FujiRumors dnes oznámil, že má zprávu o chystaných objektivech Viltrox AF pro bajonet Fujifilm X. Údajně tyto objektivy vyjdou ještě do 21. března 2020. Řeč je o těchto objektivech
  4. The Fuji XF 23mm f/1.4 R received a 3.75* optical rating whereas the Viltrox got 2.75*. As with values tanking - if you throw more megapixels at a lens which struggles to provide the full resolution of a lower-res sensor, it'll only get worse
  5. Sada mezikroužků pro fotoaparáty s bajonetem Fuji X. Sada automatických mezikroužků Viltrox 10/16 mm je určena pro fotoaparáty Fujifilm X. Mezikroužky (makrokroužky) se vkládají mezi tělo fotoaparátu a objektiv.Oddálením objektivu od snímače dosáhnete změny zaostřovacího rozsahu
  6. Viltrox 23mm 1.4 vs Fuji 23mm f2 - Sample Images and Thoughts Jun 16, 2020 7 Well, I bought a used Fuji 23mm f2 after I was unhappy with the Viltrox 1.4. Results were a bit surprising. Viltrox 23mm is noticeably sharper at f2 in the center but much softer near the edges

Ich habe das Viltrox 56mm ƒ1.4 getestet und bin nachhaltig beeindruckt auch wenn es nicht perfekt ist.Viltrox 56mm ƒ1.4 bestellen: ️ https://amzn.to/2IrZ5J4.. Viltrox Lens Update Guidelines 1.Connect the Lens with a USB cable to your computer; 2.Find theViltrox PFU disk on your computer; 3. Open the DeviceInformation.txt to check the current version; 4. Drag the firmware update file to theViltrox PFU disk 5. Wait till the progress bar reaches the end to complete the replication En comparant le Viltrox et le XF 23mm f1.4 à f5,6, leur meilleure ouverture à tous les deux, je trouve que le Fujifilm propose plus de contraste et de subtilité. L'image du Viltrox est assez plate par rapport à celle du Fuji, même à f5.6. Le piqué du XF 23mm f1.4 est donc un cran supérieur Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 for Fujifilm compared in size to the Fuji 18-55mm. Usability. Part of the joy of shooting with a Fujifilm camera is the experience. Most cameras, including the Fujifilm X-T3 and X-H1 that I use, have dedicated buttons and dials for setting details such as shutter speed and ISO

Viltrox comes with a pedigree for manufacturing good quality lenses at a low price point, so the entry of the 23 mm f/1.4 in Fuji X-mount and Sony E-mount is highly anticipated, not least because. VILTROX 23mm F1.4 X. 先に言っておきますとこのレンズ、Xマウントユーザーなら買わない手はないです!. 非常に安く、写りも良く、高級感のあるコスパ最強レンズです。. F値は開放1.4で非常に明るく優しいボケ味で、2.8くらいまで絞ると解像度もかなり良いと. X-T4 + Viltrox 33mm @ f/1.4. 1/50th sec @ ISO 1600, Provia film simulation. The optical formula on the Viltrox is very different from Fujifilm with 10 elements in 9 groups (versus the Fujifilm's 8/6 design). It also has one extra-low dispersion, one high refractive index element and their own HD nano multi-layer coating on their lens elements Viltrox released firmware updates for the Viltrox AF 85mm f/1.8 V1 and V2. Firmware update instructions: 1. Fixed the issue of occasional splash screen on some camera models. 2. Update the drive to improve stability. 3. Adjust the closest focusing distance. 4. Optimize the focusing speed. AF 85/1.8 XF II V1.0.9: Download Here AF 85/1.8 XF [ Viltrox DG-FU sada automatických mezikroužků 10/16 mm pro Fujifilm X - Viltrox DG-FU sada automatických mezikroužků 10/16 mm je určena pro fotoaparáty Fujifilm X. Mezikroužky (makrokroužky) se vkládají mezi tělo fotoaparátu a objektiv. Oddálením objektivu od snímače se dosáhne dramatického posunu jeho zaostřovacího rozsahu

Viltrox 85mm Fuji lens review for Fujifilm X-T3 camera. Also, the Viltrox 85mm vs. Fujifilm 90mm lens on shooting scenarios and a brief tutorial on setting c.. Viltrox 23mm build quality. So first off let's talk about the all-important build quality. The build quality is decent, it feels lighter than the Fuji XF 23mm f1.4 and balances really nice when mounted to the X-T3. Overall it looks great too. It comes with an awesome metal lens hood that fits on the front with ease, it definitely oozes quality

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Viltrox 13mm f/1.4. Viltrox hat sich in den letzten Jahren vor allem mit Autofokus-Objektiven für Fuji X Kameras einen Namen gemacht. Mit der Qualität von Fujis eigenen Objektiven kann Viltrox. Viltrox has introduced the EF-FX1, a Canon EF / EF-S to FujiFilm X Mount lens adapter that allows autofocus Canon lenses touse guessed itmount and autofocus on FujiFilm cameras with the X Mount (all of their APS-C interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras). At ~$160 USD, it's not cheap, but opens up another huge world of lenses for Fuji. Viltrox AF 85mm f/1.8 XF II Lens for Fujifilm (Chính hãng) Giới thiệu. Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 XF II nổi bật với thiết kế đẹp hơn và quan trọng nhất là trọng lượng nhẹ hơn, đây là ống kính được thiết kế dành cho máy ảnh không gương lật của Fujifilm ngàm X-Series. Vẫn với độ mở ống kính f/1.8, Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 XF II luôn hỗ. Fujifilm shooters have been waiting a long time for some affordable third party lens alternatives. This newly released pair of Viltrox lenses may offer some stiff competition, but how good are. The Viltrox AF 85mm f1.8 II is the cheapest large aperture 85mm lens with autofocus for Sony E-mount, Nikon Z-mount and Fujifilm X-mount. It has a good Bokeh and can render very sharp details - when focused optimally. But field curvature makes it more adept for portraiture than for shooting flat or distant subjects

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Vývoj ceny. Získejte přehled o vývoji ceny ve vámi vybraném období. Viltrox AF 23mm f/1.4 Fujifilm X. Aktuálně nejnižší cena: 9 153 Kč. Nastavit hlídání ceny. 1 rok 6 měsíců. Zobrazit: 1 rok. 6 měsíců Viltrox Upcoming Lenses for Fuji Cameras By admin, on May 17th, 2021 Viltrox is planning to release Fuji Lenses, as you can see in the image above Viltrox 23mm F1.4 and 56mm F1.4 XF labeled lenses being showcased in China International Photographic Equipment and Technology Fair (China P&E) in Beijing, China Viltrox has finally released three new fast f/1.4 prime lenses for Canon EOS M cameras - and for APS-C Sony mirrorless cameras. The trio consists of a 56mm f/1.4, 33mm f/1.4, and 23mm f/1.4 autofocus primes. After being revealed last September at IBC 2019 and introduced to the Fujifilm X mount last year, the three Viltrox lenses add some much. A portrait lens is up there as one of the key acquisitions in pretty much every photographer's lens collection. The release of Viltrox's auto-focus 56mm f/1.4 in Fuji X-mount is therefore highly.

This article is a short unboxing/disassembly review of newest Viltrox 56mm F1.4 autofocus lens in Fujifilm X mount.. Viltrox 56mm F1.4 lens is the first one I intentionally purchased out of curiosity - to explore how it's built inside. My Viltrox 85mm F1.8 mark I lens was provided by Viltrox for free for the review purpose. But their 56mm F1.4 lens sample I directly ordered from the. Viltrox 56mm f/1.4 lens review for Fujifilm. Image quality, autofocus, face/eye detect, and video performance is tested, as well as a recommendation Viltrox AF 56mm f/1.4 STM là chiếc ống kính cuối cùng dành cho Fujifilm ra mắt trong bộ 03 ống kính AF đời mới nhỏ gọn của hãng Viltrox. Tuy ra đời sau cùng nhưng Viltrox 56mm f/1.4 lại là chiếc ống kính được mong đợi và quan tâm nhiều nhất vì đây là chiếc lens phục vụ nhu cầu.

The Viltrox lens has some noticeable chromatic aberration wide-open, which doesn't entirely go away until about f/4. The Fuji XF 35mm f/2R WR has a much shorter minimum focus distance, allowing. VILTROX 56mm f/1.4 AF Fuji X. VILTROX 56mm AF Ouverture f/1.4 Monture : Fuji X. Avis client. Je souhaitais une alternative au coûteux et surtout lent Fuji 56mm. J'en suis plus que ravie. Le piqué est excellent dès la plus grande ouverture, l'AF fonctionne très bien (Eyes Af sur XT-4 incroyable). Je n'ai rien à reprocher à ce prix Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 STM II Overview. Distinguished by its updated sleeker and lighter weight design, the Viltrox AF 85mm f/1.8 XF II is the second-generation of this portrait-length prime designed for FUJIFILM X-mount mirrorless cameras. The lens's short-telephoto focal length pairs with the bright f/1.8 design to suit working in a variety of.

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Viltrox certainly makes some interesting decisions and I would argue that they currently have the best affordable AF lineup for Fujifilm cameras. Viltrox has a solid lineup, but most of its lenses are very similar to currently available Fujinon lenses with the Viltrox 13mm f/1.4 being the first Viltrox lens to really stand alone. The [ While we have focused on the individual strengths and weaknesses of the Viltrox AF 33mm f/1.4 XF in the previous chapters, the verdict has to be about context. And the context is that this is about a $280 lens costing less than half of the Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4 R and this Fujinon is far from being flawless Recently i bought Viltrox Lens for my Fujifilm X-T30. I choose Viltrox 85mm f1.8 because i haven't zoom lens. I thought this lens have good image, good bokeh and i prove it. after 1 week use this lens i curious how to update this lens's firmware VILTROX 85mm f1.8 Mark II for Fuji x Mount 85mm ii Lens AF Auto Lens Portrait Fixed Focus Lens for Fujifilm Fuji X Mount Camera X-T3 X-T2 X-T30 X-T20 X-T10 X-T100 X-PRO2 Visit the VILTROX Store 4.7 out of 5 stars 132 rating My friend recently borrowed this Viltrox 85mm to try on his Fuji X-H1 and focus speed is significantly slower - about 2-3x times in low light comparing to Fuji X-T30, that is due to camera processor. I've used Viltrox 85mm F1.8 on X-E2s many times, and in spite the autofocus is slower there but is quick enough for good shots

Viltrox 23mm f1.4 fuji x mount autofocus lens is constructed of 11 elements in 10 groups, including one extra-low dispersion (ED) element and one high-refraction element. The autofocus lens features Viltrox's 'noiseless' stepping motor (STM focus motor) for driving the autofocus unit to performs steady, fast and smooth auto focus VILTROX 85mm f1.8 Mark II for Fuji x Mount 85mm ii Lens AF Auto Lens Portrait Fixed Focus Lens for Fujifilm Fuji X Mount Camera X-T3 X-T2 X-T30 X-T20 X-T10 X-T100 X-PRO2 4.7 out of 5 stars 132 1 offer from $399.0 Featuring a svelte design, the Viltrox AF 56mm f/1.4 XF is a compact portrait-length prime lens designed for FUJIFILM X-mount mirrorless cameras. The short telephoto focal length pairs with a bright f/1.4 maximum aperture to help achieve notable control over depth of field and also benefits working in difficult lighting situations Earlier today, Viltrox released an official statement that reminds users of the Fuji X-Pro3 that three of Viltrox' X-Mount lenses can actually cause damage to your camera body, and should. Đặt mua ỐNG KÍNH VILTROX AF 56MM F/1.4 STM FOR FUJIFILM HÀNG CHÍNH HÃNG. ỐNG KÍNH VILTROX AF 56MM F/1.4 STM FOR FUJIFILM HÀNG CHÍNH HÃNG 6,000,000 ₫ 6,900,000 ₫. Số lượng. Thêm vào giỏ hàng. Bạn vui lòng nhập đúng số điện thoại để chúng tôi sẽ gọi xác nhận đơn hàng trước khi.

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New Viltrox mirrorless lenses for Nikon and Fujifilm. By PR admin | Published: May 16, 2021. Viltrox had on display six new autofocus mirrorless lenses for Nikon Z-mount (3 APS-C and 3 full-frame) at the China International Photographic Equipment and Technology Fair (China P&E) in Beijing, China: Viltrox AF 24mm f/1.8 Z. Viltrox AF 35mm f/1.8 Z Viltrox 33/1.4 vs Fujifilm XF35/1.4. Filter size: Both 52mm. Length: 65 x 73mm vs 65 x 54.9mm (Viltrox vs Fujifilm) Weight: 270g vs 187g (Viltrox vs Fujifilm) The 33/1.4 comes in with 9 aperture blades and optical design of 10 elements in 9 groups including 1 ED lens, actually a more complex formula than the XF35/1.4's 8 elements in 6 groups. Viltrox AF 23mm f/1.4 STM Lens là ống kính fix 1 khẩu độ f/1.4 với khả năng tự động lấy nét autofocus nhanh và chuẩn xác trên máy ảnh Fujifilm mirrorless. Lens có đường kính filter phi 52mm, lấy nét trong internal focus, khả năng chụp ảnh gần nhất 30cm và độ phóng đại là 0,1x. Chiếc.

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Hello everyone does anyone use the Viltrox 23mm 1.4 or any other Viltrox lens with there Fuji xt4 if so how good do you find Viltrox Price wise they look great . Reply. yashica boy Premium Member. 13 minutes ago #2 I use the 23mmF1.4 & 56mmF1.4 on my XT1 & XE1 and they produce very good images well worth the money Viltrox 56mm f/1.4 khi sử dụng trên thân máy Fujifilm sẽ hỗ trợ tính năng Eye-AF phát hiện mắt chính xác giúp dễ dàng khóa điểm focus vào mắt người, điều này không những giúp việc bắt nét dễ dàng hơn mà còn giúp bạn bắt nét bám dính đối tượng có cử động trong thời gian. Please only post photos taken with the Viltrox 33mm F1.4 Autofocus lens for Fuji X APS-C cameras Additional Info This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members Fujifilm X-T30 + Viltrox 23mm F1.4 a f/2.8. Detalle al 100%. Aberración cromática axial acentuada por un procesado fuerte de la imagen. La relativamente mala noticia es que el Viltrox AF 23mm F1.4 crea aberraciones cromáticas laterales bastante abundantes a grandes aberturas de diafragma Kamera-Objektiv Viltrox 85mm/1,8 für Fuji - Objektiv Rollei Viltrox 1,8/85mm Fuji Eigenschaften: Vollformat-Teleobjektiv für Fuji-Kameras mit X-Mount Neue, verbesserte Version Mark II 85-mm-Festbrenn

VILTROX 23mm Fuji F1.4 New Version 23mm f/1.4 X-Mount Lens Auto Focus Large Aperture APS-C Lens for fujifilm X-Mount Camera X-pro 3 X-Pro 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 32 1 offer from $460.0 Damian Brown posted a review of this lens that included a lot of sample pictures. I think this lens will be a winner for Viltrox. He said Fuji's 56mm f/1.2 is a hair sharper than the Viltrox. I think that will depend on sample variation. I think this and the 85mm are the winners of the lineup Srovnatelný Sony 80 mm F/1.8 je za 548 $ a nejbližší Fujifilm 90 mm F/2 za 949 $. Mnozí řeknou a co kvalita obrazu? Už delší dobu e xistuje Viltrox 85 mm F/1.8 za 299 $ bez automatického ostření, ale jinak má stejnou konstrukci. Recenze a zkušenosti majitelů říkají, že ostrost obrazu, barvy i bokeh jsou výborné

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Ống kính Viltrox 33mm F/1.4 XF có thiết kế nhỏ gọn, tiêu cự 33mm tương đương với 50mm, được thiết kế cho những ai đang sở hữu máy ảnh Fujifilm không gương lật X-Mount. Ống kính này có trường nhìn linh hoạt phù hợp để chụp nhiều đối tượng, từ chân dung đến chụp. The all new 85mm f/1.8 II (mark ii) lens from Viltrox is a moderate improvement over the previous generation - the PFU RBMH 85MM F1.8 STM. The autofocus is a bit faster than the already capable performance of the Mark I, and perhaps a tad more accurate. Weight is the only area the Viltrox shows marked improvement, being roughly half the weight.

Viltrox a des arguments pour sa focale fixe dédiée au portrait, le PFU RBMH 85 mm F1.8 STM. Disponible pour les hybrides Fujifilm en monture X ou Sony en monture E, c'est cette dernière version. Das Viltrox 33mm f/1.4 für Kameras von Fujifilm ist endlich verfügbar, zum Preis von rund 250 Euro kann das Objektiv bestellt werden The new Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 Z full-frame autofocus mirrorless lens for Nikon Z-mount is now available ; New Viltrox mirrorless lenses for Nikon and Fujifilm ; Viltrox will soon announce the first third-party full-frame autofocus mirrorless lens for Nikon Z-mount: the 85mm f/1.8 ; Exclusive deal: get 10% off on all Viltrox lense Viltrox, please make us a 16mm 1.4 for X-mount next, and I'll be set! Viltrox coming out with AFFORDABLE lenses with apertures like this is a game changer. The ONLY thing I HATE about my Fuji XT30 is the lack of AFFORDABLE lenses. Fuji wants an arm and a leg for their F1.8 lenses. I don't even think they offer F1.4 in anything

El primer objetivo con autoenfoque de Viltrox compatible con la montura X de Fujifilm ha recibido una revisión física muy interesante. Desde hoy mismo se puede ya comprar el Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 XF II en la tienda oficial de Viltrox en Aliexpress por 310€ desde Polonia y por algo más (359€) en Amazon (precios del 27 de marzo de 2020). Como principal novedad, hay que destacar un. Get a closer look on Viltrox 56mmF1.4 EF-M. 10/9 lens construction (1ED lens&1 high refraction index lens) HD Nano multilayer coating, water-resistant and antifouling coating Quiet and smooth STM focus motor Supports auto aperture, A mode or S mode and EXIF info Precision brass bayonet and durable #viltrox #viltrox56mmef_m #viltox56mmf14 #canon90mm #Canonviltrox #. Harga: Viltrox Lensa 23mm F1.4 STM AF Lens for Sony Mirrorless E Mount Camera: Rp3.799.000: Harga: Lensa Viltrox AF 23mm F1.4 For Fuji X-Mount: Rp3.785.000: Harga: Viltrox Lensa 23mm F1.4 STM AF Lens for Fujifilm FX Mount X Mount: Rp3.799.000: Harga: Viltrox Lensa 23mm F1.4 STM AF Lens for Sony E-Mount EMount: Rp3.700.000: Harga: Lensa Viltrox VILTROX 23mm F1.4 XF STM For FUJI Fujifilm X. Viltrox July 28 at 3:00 AM 23+33+56mm T1.5 E-mount— A three-kit to satisfy your video/photo sho oting needs of landscape, portrait, architecture, still life, etc. Get 10%OFF limited special offer of this kit into your gear bag Viltrox 23mm f/1.4 XF Lens for FUJIFILM X (X Mount) +2. Doprava zdarma; Kód zboží: AF 23/1.4XF(X mount) Širokoúhlý, vysoce světelný objektiv pro bezzrcadlovky s bajonetem FUJIFILM X (s výjimkou modelu X-PRO3) nabízí špičkovou konstrukci (11 elementů v 10 skupinách, clona s 9 lamelami) vč. 2 ED a dvou HR čoček, a také.

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Viltrox 33mm f/1.4 XF Lens for FUJIFILM X (X Mount) Širokoúhlý, vysoce světelný objektiv pro bezzrcadlovky s bajonetem FUJIFILM X (s výjimkou modelu X-PRO3) nabízí špičkovou konstrukci (10 elementů v 9 skupinách, clona s 9 lamelami) vč. 1 ED a 1 HR čoček, a také povrchové úpravy HD Nano pro potlačení chromatických vad. The mid-2019 Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 is the 4th autofocus third party lens for Fujifilm X mount after the Zeiss 12mm, 32mm, and 50mm Touits. Manufactured by Shenzhen Jueying Technology co. Ltd, the Viltrox brand aims to produce a line of quality X-mount lens with autofocus capabilities, running in parallel with native X-mount options but at a more. The brand new Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 autofocus lens for Fujifilm X is getting the more and more attention since FujiRumors started covering it with this hands-on test back in September 2018 (includes RAW samples to download).. This time Mattias and Andrew compare it also to the Fujinon XF 90mm f/2.Mattias used it on an X-Pro1 and X-E3, whereas Andrew on the Fujifilm X-T3 Images of the new Viltrox 13mm f/1.4 APS-C lenses for Fuji X and Sony E. Viltrox China announced the development of this new 13mm f/1.4 lens. No info on price and availability yet. **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. We were unable to load Disqus Recommendations Hello, Sign in. Account & List

Viltrox 85 mm 1.8 an der Fuji X-T2 mit Batteriegriff. Öffnet man die Verpackung, welche man samt Inhalt hierzulande für ca. 350€ erstehen kann, findet man neben Objektiv, Gegenlichtblende und Papierkram ebenfalls einen Beutel zum Transport und zur Aufbewahrung. In puncto Verarbeitung wurden sich nur bei der Gegenlichtblende Schwächen. Viltrox PFU RBMH 85mm F1.8 STM Fuji X Mount 全片幅自動定焦鏡頭. (支援 Fuji X系列相機, 焦距85mm, 光圈 f1.8-f16 - 10片7組鏡片, 包括4片ED鏡片及4片低波高透視鏡片, 光圈葉數 9片) 最短焦距: 85mm. 重量: 629g. HK$ 2,809. HK$ 2,250 - 2,690

Full Frame Lens VILTROX 85mm F1Viltrox 33mm f/1ADAPTER MIRORLESS » Viltrox • TOKOTUKANGFOTO | JUAL BELIFuji to announce new graphite X-Pro2 and silver X-T2Fuji XT20 + 15-45mmObjetivo Fuji 23mm f4

Viltrox 33mm f1.4 XF Lens V2 Review Fujifilm X Mount: If you're looking for more budget friendly glass, there are actually quite a lot of options these days. For instance, Viltrox has been releasing some decent lenses at a lower price point lately, and one that I've been testing is the 33mm f1.4 XF lens V2 for the Fujifilm X Series system F1.4 XF เลนส์ ฝาปิดเลนส์ 1 อัน 1 x คู่มือผลิตภัณฑ์ 1 เครื่องดูดควัน 1 x ฝาปิดเลนส์ด้านหลัง ช้อป Viltrox 23mm f1.4 เลนส์ออโต้โฟกัสคงที่ Fuji X moun VILTROX AF 23mm F1.4 XF è progettato per la fotocamera Fuji con attacco X. Supporta la messa a fuoco automatica, le modalità di scatto multiplo della fotocamera, la registrazione delle informazioni EXIF e l'aggiornamento del firmware. Rivestimento multistrato HD Nano, 11 elementi in 10 gruppi, inclusi 2 obiettivi ED e 2 obiettivi ad alto. Viltrox 33mm für 299€. Es geht heute um das Viltrox 33mm/1,4 für Fujifilm. Viltrox hat mir dieses Objektiv kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt, damit ich es mir das mal anschaue und einen Review für euch mache. Dieses Review is unbezahlt. Bisher gab es kaum Fremdhersteller Objektive für das Fujifilm X-System. Insbesondere wer Autofokus. VILTROX AF 33mm f1.4 STM XF Lens Fixed Focus Lens Portrait Auto Focus Large Aperture For Fuji X mount Mirrorless Camera X-T3 X-H1 X20 X-T30 X-T20 X-T100 X-Pro2 4.7 out of 5 stars 584 1 offer from £284.0