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  1. Wikimedia Commons (or simply Commons) is a media repository of free-use images, sounds, other media, and JSON files. It is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.. Files from Wikimedia Commons can be used across all Wikimedia projects in all languages, including Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikisource, Wikiquote, Wiktionary, Wikinews, Wikibooks, and Wikispecies, or downloaded for offsite use
  2. Searching Wikimedia Commons for CC images http://www.screenr.com/w8J
  3. Random Wikimedia Commons images on a webpage. 2. MediaWiki API: Download smaller versions of images. 1. Wikimedia Commons API: search for Commons categories near a location. 0. How to search for page/category in Wikimedia Commons by API? 0. Get deeplinks of Wikimedia Commons pictures. 1
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  5. Wikimedia is a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world. Through various projects , chapters , and the support structure of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia strives to bring about a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge

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Because we want free content, ideally all images uploaded would be free for everyone, and therefore would be acceptable on our sister project, Wikimedia Commons. Images submitted to Commons are used the same way as images uploaded locally to Wikipedia and are automatically available on Wikipedia—as well as on hundreds of other Wikis run by. Wikimedia Commons is a great resource for free/open images, and sometimes you may want to download all the images in one of their directories or pages. Wiki Commons doen't offer a simple way to do this. This howto shows a method to do that. 1 Command line method 1.1 Requirements 1.2 Steps 1.3.. Wikimedia Commons is the media site that hosts many of the images, video, and audio used on Wikipedia What is Wikimedia Commons? According to the parent site Wikipedia, Wikimedia Common is an online repository of free-use images, sound and other media files.Started in 2004 by volunteers, the site now contains over 16 million media files, from master painters to everyday photographers The format is as follows: Only list items (lines starting with *) are considered. The first link on a line must be a link to a bad image. Any subsequent links on the same line are considered to be exceptions, i.e. pages where the image may occur inline

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Find the perfect wikimedia commons stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now Wikiview is a powerful tool that helps you to explore the vast amount of licensed free images from Wikimedia Commons. Anyone can search for images related to a subject and then narrow down the results by adding other search terms. More advanced techniques include a search by color or an uploaded sample image, to kick of the visual exploration. Photo by Dustin Kelling/US Navy, public domain. Most people in the world have never heard of Wikimedia Commons.They have no idea what it is, who is behind it, and why it exists. And that's surprising, as it is the photo and media site that helps power Wikipedia

Entrance to the Met. Photo by Arad, CC BY-SA 3.0. Today, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, known by many as the Met, announced that it is placing more than 375,000 images of public-domain works in the museum's collection under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) dedication. The release, which covers images of the great majority of the museum's holdings, is part of the Met's Open. Wikimedia Commons is a free media repository, boasting with millions of free images available in various Creative Commons licenses. Founded in 2004, Wikimedia Commons has grown exponentially over the years, and the importance of its survival/archival increases accordingly, also considering some unexpected storage failures happened over the course of its life Wikimedia Commons ist eine internationale Sammlung von freien Bildern, Videos und Audiodateien. Betreiberin ist die Wikimedia Foundation (USA). Die Datenbank ist mit Wikipedia und anderen Wikimedia Projekten verknüpft, so dass die Dateien, hauptsächlich Bilder, in Wikipedia direkt aus Commons eingebunden werden. Das Medienarchiv ist kostenfrei und zum Aufrufen ohne Anmeldung nutzbar Summary . Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Day. Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Day In your inbox, every day! This is an announcement-only list where subscribers will receive one email per day, containing a link to (and details about) the Wikimedia Commons' Picture of the Day

Wikimedia Commons n'est ni le photographe ni l'ayant-droit des photographies. Wikimedia Commons n'est qu'une plate-forme pour partager des photos. Les photographes restant propriétaires des droits de leurs photos, c'est bien eux qu'il faut créditer. Une mention Creative Commons ou CC n'est pas non plus suffisante Wikimedia Commons. June 27, 2020 ·. The Glecksteinhütte is an abandoned mountain hut in Fallätsche, Zurich. It was built in the early 1900s so that people in Zurich could enjoy an alpine experience without having to travel far to the higher mountains. Today, it is in danger of falling off the cliff it is built on Stack Exchange network consists of 178 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.. Visit Stack Exchang The image is usually in the public domain - i.e. freely available to the world - if the author of that creative work (the artist, photographer, etc) died more than 70 years ago. Wikimedia Commons only hosts images that are in the public domain in the United States as well as in the country of origin. It can be really tricky to determine if.

1. Go to Wikimedia commons. 2. Go to the screen where the image you want appears. 3. Search the icon to download and click on it. 4. A dialog box will appear with the button to download, but also. Like This 19 Wikimedia Commons is a file repository making available media content (images, sound and video clips) to everyone, and also serves as a supporting repository for other projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Images and other media on Wikimedia Commons fall under the Commons licensing policy, and are most frequently licensed under CC BY and. Commons Image Review - May 2010, Questions and Answers. What is the Wikimedia Foundation's position regarding access to questionable content? The Wikimedia Foundation believes that its projects should strive to provide high quality, informative, educational content A team with German university HTW Berlin has published a new project called Wikiview, a website that makes it easy to search for images in the Wikimedia Commons.With Wikiview, anyone can search for images related to a subject, then narrow down the results by adding other search terms, such as looking specifically for photos of old cars that are located outdoors

A very large share of images on Wikimedia Commons is licensed under two Creative Commons licenses (cc-by and cc-by-sa) - in different versions and sometimes different localisations. In order to freely reuse these images, a person has to comply with the specific Creative Commons license terms Assuming that you don't have it posted elsewhere under a free license, probably the surest way would be to claim that you'd lied about the rights. Maybe upload a few obvious copyvios with the same characterization (own work) and wait for them al.. Photo Toni Frissell (Library of Congress, image in the Public Domain) Available on wikimedia commons images The images can be downloaded in high-quality .jpg and .svg file formats to suit your specific needs. See the full license here: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Licensing. These images are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Are you looking for a specific illustration

2 Answers2. Note that OP's photo is authorless, hence the previous answer is tailored only to this photo. The full notice read: No machine-readable author provided. Madboy assumed (based on copyright claims). (Madboy is the user uploads this photo.) In general there's no reason to put Wikimedia Common as the author of the photo Les images et autres fichiers multimédia sont centralisés sur Wikimedia Commons, une médiathèque commune à tous les projets Wikimedia.Vos images seront ainsi directement utilisables sur tous les projets Wikimedia. Cette page décrit comment importer des fichiers multimedia que vous avez créés sur Commons In the image below, under the Search tools (1.) and then Usage Rights (2.), you can filter your search based on how it's going to be used. Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Commons - Fantastic media repository that is part of the Wikipedia umbrella project, where users are free to use any of the site's photos, audio, videos, and other media freely System administrators may also set the wiki to accept files from foreign repositories, such as the Wikimedia Commons. For server side image resizing it is necessary to have a scaler configured (such as GD2, ImageMagick, etc.). Files at other website

Wikimedia Commons (chiamato anche Commons) è un archivio di immagini digitali, suoni ed altri file multimediali con licenza libera. È un progetto della Wikimedia Foundation, che il 4 dicembre 2012 ha raggiunto la soglia dei 15 milioni di file, costituendo uno dei maggiori archivi di risorse multimediali a scopo didattico e documentale liberamente utilizzabili nel web Wikimedia Deutschland - Gesellschaft zur Förderung Freien Wissens e. V. Tempelhofer Ufer 23/24 10963 Berlin E-Mail: info@wikimedia.de Webseite: https://wikimedia.de Telefon: +49 (0)30-219 15 826-0 Fax: +49 (0)30-219 158 26-9 Geschäftsführender Vorstand: Abraham Taherivan Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Commons includes more than 45 million freely licensed media files—photos, audio, and video—ranging from stunning photos of geographic landscapes to donations from institutions with substantial media collections, like the Smithsonian, NASA, and the British Library Browse over 500 million images, available for reuse All our content is under Creative Commons licenses or in the public domain. Learn more about CC licenses and tools. I want something I can Use commercially Modify or adapt Go to the old CC Search portal. Creative Commons PO Box 1866, Mountain View CA 9404 Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone

Think of it as a Tragedy of the Wikimedia Commons. If you value the images you find at Wikimedia Commons and would like their holdings to grow and diversify, give back to the system by recognizing. In Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved August 10, 2004, from [URL]. 9. Share. Report Save. level 2 · 9y. Usually you don't have to do a proper citation for an image, just something like: Source: Wikimedia Commons [url] Or if it's just a poster, even: Source: Wikimedia Commons Find images published in a particular region. site or domain: Search one site (like sfmoma.org ) or limit your results to a domain like .edu, .org or .gov. SafeSearch: Show explicit results Hide.

A complete copy of selected Wikimedia wikis which no longer exist and so which are no longer available via the main database backup dump page. This includes, in particular, the Sept. 11 wiki. Analytics data files Pageview, Mediacount, Unique, and other stats. Other files Image tarballs, survey data and other items. Kiwix file Ing Wikimedia Commons (o kabud na mu Commons) metung yang simpanan-Aptas (online repository) da reng timawa pamangamit (free-use) a larawan (images), katni (sound) ampong aliwang simpan (files) a media . Proyektu ne ning Katatagan Wikimedia ini.. Malyari lang gamitan kareng eganaganang proyektung Wikimedia deng simpan ibat king Wikimedia Commons, in all languages, kayabe la reng Wikipedia. Wikimedia Commons är en av de största mediedatabaserna för filer under fri licens, men ingalunda den största. Flickr hade i mars 2016 cirka 115 miljoner foton under motsvarande licenser (CC-licens utan begränsning av kommersiellt bruk eller anpassningar, alternativt Public Domain); den största delen av Flickrs foton är dock publicerade under en mer restriktiv licens Wherever possible, the images are saved in SVG format to ensure proper scaling. In some cases, marks are created in PNG format. To save an image, right-click on the image and 'Save as' to your computer. Mirrors and other versions of these images can be found in the Category:Logos of Wikimedia on Commons

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Jak známo, obrázek vydá za tisíc slov a zvláště v encyklopedii platí, že dokonalý článek by měl mít u sebe jeden či několik vhodných obrázků. Obrázky se ukládají do samostatné multimediální databáze Wikimedia Commons (zkráceně jen Commons), která je spravuje a umožňuje jejich vložení do libovolné jazykové verze Wikipedie The latest scam we've heard of comes to us from photographer Kyle Cassidy, who posted this wonderful photo of NPR host Peter Sagal running to Wikimedia Commons under a CC BY-SA 3.0 (attribution. 1.3 This is an incorrect attribution. 1.4 This is a good attribution for material you modified slightly. 1.5 This is a good attribution for material from which you created a derivative work. 1.6 This is a good attribution for material from multiple sources. 2 Title, Author, Source, License. 2.1 Devil in the details Rationale []. As of June 2021, Wikimedia Commons, the central media repository hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, contains over 73 million files.Each of these files is available under a free content license or in the public domain; there are no other restrictions of use beyond those relating to use of official insignia or trademarks All photos that are covered by the Creative Commons Zero license are marked with CC0 on the photo page. The CC0 license was released by the non-profit organization Creative Commons. You can get more information about Creative Commons and their license on the official license page

Wikimedia Commons er et prosjekt drevet av Wikimedia Foundation som har som formål å bygge opp en sentral database for å gjøre bilder, videofilmer og lyd tilgjengelig for alle wikimedias prosjekter. Filene i commons-basen er direkte tilgjengelige for de andre wikimedia-prosjektene, for eksempel det flerspråklige nettleksikonet Wikipedia, nettordboka Wiktionary og fagboksamliga Wikibooks Creative Commons is not a law firm and does not provide legal services. Distributing, displaying, or linking to this Commons Deed does not create an attorney-client relationship. Creative Commons has not verified the copyright status of any work to which CC0 has been applied

Wikimedia commons female genitalia. someone who may have been born with ambiguous genitalia, intersex female athletes with elevated androgen production give rise. Photo via Wikimedia Commons. Category:Female genital piercings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Community. Join one of the largest photo and multimedia communities in the world. Wikimedia Commons is not only the image repository for Wikipedia, but an independent project that seeks to document the world with photos, videos and recordings.. The community organizes many annual events and contests, such as Wiki Loves Monuments and Wiki Loves Earth |free text=}} This is a list of Creative Commons licensed image-based media. Part of the original page is now ported here The image is accessible via Wikipedia's article on Pedophilia, at the bottom of which is an image with a link directing readers: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Pedophilia Rechercher des Creative Commons sur Google Images : tout en bas, vous pouvez sélectionner dans Droits d'usage le type de licence souhaitée pour filtrer votre recherche. Rechercher des Creative Commons sur Flickr : idem, une case à cocher en bas du formulaire. Rechercher sur Wikimedia Commons : toute la base est en Creative Commons

For example, were Creative Commons to compile photographs from a photo sharing website under a BY-SA 2.0 license and create a database that it then publicly distributed, CC could license the collection as a whole under a BY license, but the photographs would continue to be licensed under BY-SA 2.0 Wikimedia Commons has millions of public domain and freely-licensed photos available to the world, and now there's a powerful new tool that helps you dive into the ocean of imagery for exploring. IPM Images is a joint project of The University of Georgia - Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources and College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, The Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health, USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Southern Integrated Pest Management Center, Southern Plant Diagnostic Network. The Wikimedia Commons (cried Commons or Wikicommons an aa) is a store o free content eimages, soond an ither multimedia files. It is a projeck o the Wikimedia Foondation.Files uploaded ti this store can be uised lik locally uploaded files on aa ither projecks on the Wikimedia servers, lik Wikipedia, Wikibooks an Wikinews.. The project wis proponed in Mairch 2004 an launched on 7 September. Google Images Image. Jamendo Music. Open Clip Art Library Image. SpinXpress Media. Wikimedia Commons Media. YouTube Video. Pixabay Image. ccMixter Music. SoundCloud Music. Please note that oldsearch.creativecommons.org is not a search engine, but rather offers convenient access to search services provided by other independent organizations. CC.

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The Creative Commons website includes an option to search for Creative Commons content across numerous sources, including Flickr, Google and Wikimedia Commons among many others. Europeana Once you run a search in their search bar, you can limit your results to items that are freely usable or available under a Creative Commons license using the. Wikimedia Commons on Wikimedia-säätiön omistama erityinen säilytyspaikka vapaille kuville, äänille ja muille multimediatiedostoille.Wikimedia Commonsissa olevia tiedostoja voi käyttää muissa Wikimedian palvelimilla toimivissa projekteissa, kuten Wikipediassa, Wikikirjastossa tai Wikisanakirjassa.. Kaikkien Wikimedia Commonsin tiedostojen tulee olla lisensoitu vapaalla lisenssillä. The dimensions are provided by whoever hosts the image (in this case, wikimedia commons). What could have caused wiki to stop providing them is beyond me. i write issues occasionally. Top. The Two Jerseys Post Marshal Posts: 16463 Founded: Jun 07, 2012 Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Son contenu ainsi que celui de tous les autres projets Wikimedia sont créés, améliorés et mis en ligne par des bénévoles. Wikimedia France soutient leurs efforts principalement sur Wikipédia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, le Wiktionnaire mais aussi sur les autres projets frères

File:Dinastia yuan, iuohan, 1271-1368


Image from http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8a/ The_Temple_of_Apollo_at_Delphi.j Wikimedia Commons ist eine schnell wachsende Mediensammlung für gemeinfreie und frei lizenzierte Fotos, Grafiken, Audio- und Videodateien, an der sich arrow_forward Bündnis Freie Bildung. Wie Bildung in der digitalen Welt am besten gelingt, darüber wird an vielen Stellen nachgedacht und gestritten..

File:Queensland Koala, 2009File:Verizon Cell Phone Tower on Domino's Farms, Ann ArborFile:Tomb of Jesus, Church of the Holy SepulchreFile:Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar), Larva (37366193206File:Darkroom, Cruising Pavilion, ArkDes, 2019File:Atrium, The Hospital for Sick Children, TorontoFile:Grave of Princess Grace of Monaco, Grace Kelly
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